My “couch to 5k” experience – week 2

I have actually managed to go through week 2 in, well, a week! <<round of applause>>. It wasn’t quite as easy as I was expecting, but apparently “I’m building on…” so it’s all very encouraging anyway. 1st run: the first session went well rather well. I was happy with 90-sec runs / 2 -minute walks. As I tried to follow the tips provided in the podcast, I found it hard to follow the one about breathing. So first I was “breathing in” for 4 counts, i.e. as my left foot touched the floor 4 times, then breathing out as it touched the floor another 4 times –> I was soon completely suffocating as I guess I’m just too slow, and there’s only so much air that can fill my lungs!OK so I thought, “er… must have gotten that one wrong”. So instead I tried breathing in for 4 steps (left foot and right food included) and breathing…

My “Couch to 5k” experience – Week 1

So here I am, huffing and puffing my way to school every morning, arriving (late of course) at the school gate completely out of breath, with rosy (vermilion, more like) cheeks, and my heart pumping hard in my chest is reminding me that I’m on the wrong side of 30… of 35 even! And that fitness is now something that needs working (hard?) on… Could I squeeze a little cardio training between school runs and a part time job? When I heard about the “couch to 5k” free app from the nhs, I decided to jump at the opportunity. Here’s my experience of the “couch to 5k” nhs mobile app. WEEK 1  1st run: my first run today was brilliant. Interesting fact: I can run (60 seconds at a time, still… an achievement)! I really enjoyed being out there in the park, feeling like I was finally doing something for myself, something that did…