week 2

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My “couch to 5k” experience – week 2

I have actually managed to go through week 2 in, well, a week! <<round of applause>>. It wasn’t quite as easy as I was expecting, but apparently “I’m building on…” so it’s all very encouraging anyway. 1st run: the first session went well rather well. I was happy with 90-sec runs / 2 -minute walks. As I tried to follow the tips provided in the podcast, I found it hard to follow the one about breathing. So first I was “breathing in” for 4 counts, i.e. as my left foot touched the floor 4 times, then breathing out as it touched the floor another 4 times –> I was soon completely suffocating as I guess I’m just too slow, and there’s only so much air that can fill my lungs!OK so I thought, “er… must have gotten that one wrong”. So instead I tried breathing in for 4 steps (left foot and right food included) and breathing…